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Our Mission

Integrity and Accountability

Quality food is difficult, if not impossible to come by, and even if you do, you aren't even sure if you are getting what you pay for. I've had many issues with sourcing food in the past and still do, from people pushing grain-fed meat as grass-fed, to being sold meat that sat in a freezer for 2 years. The lack of honesty and accountability in the current market for naturally raised animal products has driven me to provide people a product they can find their true health with.

Deceptive marketing is present and usually not recognized. Chickens fed corn and soy are labelled as "free range," even organic, having you pay a premium for chicken no better than your supermarket. Pork is commonly marketed as "Heritage Breed" and "Berkshire" but its the same case as with the chickens, low quality meat being advertised as premium. Cows are fed corn stalks, advertised as "Grass Fed" and "Grass Finished." Fish can be farm raised but if its caught in a certain way a few miles off the coast its considered "wild-caught." Especially with eggs and dairy, which are even harder to find quality anywhere, let alone an online delivery service. 

I have people come to me every single day asking where they can find grass-fed meats, and I honestly don't have a good answer for them outside of exploring local options, but from this point moving forward, I will be that option. Our meat will be cut better, less expensive, and guaranteed to be what it says in the label with no misleading sales tactics.

We will be sourcing meat from farmers raising animals for us to these quality standards. Ranging from custom cut beef products that you can't get elsewhere, to indigenous preparations of pemmican, the original survival food, and perfecting beef jerky with the highest quality natural ingredients. A staple such as beef tallow will be made with the highest attention to detail, ensuring its rendered at the perfect temperature. We will be curing our own bacon, canning fish with natural ingredients, making animal-based treats that even kids will love. Even a dessert bar made with ancestral ingredients! 

Grass Fed Beef

A cow that has been fed grain for the past few months of its life can still be labeled as "grass-fed." The last few months of feed is the most important determining factor in the overall quality of the fat, and many other tissues on the animal. Feeding the animal grain lowers the vitamin and mineral content of the meat (grass-fed has over TEN TIMES the amount of Vitamins A and E!), increases the inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids, and lowers the anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids. Although not nearly as significant as chicken or pork, if someone pays for grass-fed beef, they should be getting grass-fed beef.   

We have farmers local to New York State, Pennsylvania as well as Australia raising animals for us on a feed regimen optimal for producing high-quality grass-fed and grass-finished products. We are custom processing animals to cuts that are unavailable elsewhere as well as jerky, pemmican, and some very unique ideas to come!

Wild Fish

On one hand, fish can be so nutrient dense, on the other hand, our oceans are so polluted even wild caught fish from certain oceans can be dangerous to consume. We will source wild-caught fish from minimally polluted waters that is low on the food chain. In addition, we will make sure there are no additives, especially in foods like shrimp, even branching out into different species of wild fish that are even more delicious than what we are used to eating.   

At the moment we have fishing boats from Alaska (Ketchikan) that are bringing us seasonal fish that we are smoking, curing, canning, and salting. Alaska is one of the few places remaining on this planet where the pollution is minimal and the quality of the fish is exceptional. 

Pasture Raised Eggs

What does "pastured" mean? It means the chicken was fed the same corn and soy feed but he and his 1,000 friends were given 5 extra feet of space. Eggs from these chickens are high in omega 6, which causes inflammation in large amounts, and lack the vitamins and minerals normally contained in eggs. Our goal is to source the highest quality eggs, ensuring the best product is provided from both a minimally inflammatory standpoint as well as nutrient content. 

We will be raising chickens on a high omega 3 formulation we have made ourselves, in addition to any forage they can get on grass. Our eggs will come from our farms local to New York and Pennsylvania.  

Free-Range Chicken

Chicken is known as a white meat, but it's not supposed to be. If a chicken is free-range, foraging for bugs in the grass, being supplemented with meat scraps, seeds, and healthy natural foods, the meat will be much darker in color and have more complex flavors. Not only that, it will go from being void of nutrition to one of the healthiest things you can consume. Unlike beef, chicken is dramatically impacted by being fed corn and soy in regards to omega 3 to omega 6 ratio. The omega 6 can be very high, contributing to inflammation in your diet, and just like beef, the nutrient content of true pasture raised chicken is multiple times higher. In addition to chicken, we will be offering wild game birds, ranging from turkeys in thanksgiving to various smaller birds in line with their hunting seasons.   

As we are feeding our chickens a high-quality feed to produce high nutrient eggs, the flesh of the animal will also yield similar results: minimally inflammatory and high in vitamins and minerals. 

Pastured Pork

Pork, just like chicken, is practically considered a white meat. The darker the meat, the higher the mineral and nutrient content. Just like chicken, pork is more dramatically affected by being fed corn and soy, the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio in grain-fed beef may range from 1:5 to 1:10, but pork can be well over 1:20, even 1:40. We will be working with a farm to make sure the pigs are fed a proper diet, providing a quality of pork that is at the top of the market. Outside of pork, we will also offer wild boar meat and Iberico (Spanish Acorn Fed Ham), for anyone looking for truly wild meat or premium experience.  

Initially, we will be raising pigs on farms on the east coast of the United States, maximizing their seasonal time on pasture, in addition to removing corn and soy from their diets through a customized feed based around natural wild foods.  

Wild Meats

Why don't we see wild meat in supermarkets when everyone is raving about it? Its simple. Supply and demand. We know people want the highest quality animal products possible, wild game. From Elk to Bison, maybe even Moose, we look forward to providing nutrition in the way our ancestors obtained it. This isn't limited to land animals, we seek to source all foods in the animal kingdom, land, sea, and air, whether its venison, an unknown species of shrimp, or wild goose.  

Right now our Pennsylvania farmers are starting to raise geese, bison, and wild turkey, in the future we will be expanding to even more!

Pemmican - The Ultimate Travel Food

Traveling on a diet is always difficult, and depending on how strict you want to be, or perhaps you even had food allergies, it can be time-consuming, expensive, and outright impossible to be in optimal health. Pemmican is a Native American indigenous food composed of 80% fat and 20% protein. 3/4lb of Pemmican can sustain the average person for a day, it is the most calorically and nutrient dense food for a traveler, also providing all the necessary vitamins and minerals for months at a time. Other non-perishable products we will offer are jerky as well as liver jerky. We have a few unannounced ideas that will also fall into this category!

Affordable Nutrition

Not only are we striving to source a better quality product at an affordable price, but we will also be offering exclusive products that no one else has! All focused on food quality and origin. In the future doing things from making our own bacon, canning fresh fish, caviar, making quality food accessible to everyone. 

At the moment we are offering 3 beef packages, one fat package, and two non-perishable packages. There are subscription-based but after this initial month we will be offering retail cuts as add-on's, whether you want liver, brains, extra ground beef or steaks, we will have it!  

 Who am I? 

I am primarily known for my Carnivore YouTube channel, in my personal life, I work as a personal trainer as well as in NYC restaurants as a waiter, bartender, and even catering chef. I have years of nutrition education and professional culinary knowledge that has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of what true food quality is. Seeing how unhealthy and unhappy people are first hand as both a trainer and bartender, I will help as many people as possible gain access to quality food.  

Risks and challenges

Sourcing quality products that are what we believe in at an affordable price has been an incredible task. Not only this, there is an extreme variance from animal to animal, different breeds, locations, all yield different results. Through careful observation and quality control, we will ensure every single product meets the highest expectations.

We have observed the nutrient requirements of the general population, noting specific vitamins as well as omega fatty acids. In order to achieve our goals of providing these nutrients in their most natural form we will be sourcing from a variety of locations in order to get the highest quality products that aren't only nutritious, they taste amazing.

We know there is a market for quality animal products that aren't being met, and we hope to achieve almost every single product that people desire.

Thank you for considering these products. We have a bunch of incredibly unique culinary creations that we can't wait to unveil! After these initial offerings, there will be a range of unique foods that will be both DELICIOUS and high in vitamins!