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The Perfect Prime Rib

The Perfect Prime Rib


  Prime rib claims center stage during holiday season for a very good reason. It's combination of rich beef with deep roasted flavors is unmatched. 

Our 100% grass fed and grass finished wagyu is marbled, and magically tender due to breed of the animal, resulting in a rich, juicy, and tender roast.

Not only that, its very easy to prepare, takes minimal effort, just a bit of time. We use a dry brine method, salting the meat 2-3 days ahead of time and letting it sit in a refrigerator on a rack. This allows the salt to fully penetrate the beef so that the flavor concentrates, and the outside dries out, for a better crust.

After 48-72 hours, you start it in the oven on a low temperature, take it to the desired doneness, then blast it on a high hear to get a nice crust. The starting temperature is 200°F, which will take 3-5 hours to get to desired temperature, then as hot as the oven goes, when ready to serve, for 10 minutes, at least 500°F.

You must use an instant read or probe thermometer to be accurate here. The initial temperature is registered in the oven, then heat from the outside of the meat will result in carryover cooking, adding several degrees.

117°F goes up to low 120's - Rare

 120°F goes up to mid 120's - Medium Rare

124°F goes up to high 120s - Medium

130°F goes up to mid 130s - Medium Well

137°F+ in oven - Well Done

The nice thing about prime rib is that there is variance throughout the roast in cooking temperature, the ends tend to be a bit more well done, the center getting rarer the closer you get. 

In regards to the size of the roast, a bone-in rib roast will serve 4-5 people comfortable, generally around 1lb of meat per person. 




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