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Fatty Beef Cuts

Fatty Beef

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Fatty Beef Pack - Over 10 Pounds of various fatty cuts (brisket, ribs, chuck, sirloin, tri-tip, skirt)

We are sourcing high quality grass-fed beef from local NY farms in addition to Australian beef (famous for their pasture) to bring you the best tasting and most nutrient dense option available. 

Why Fatty Beef?

Vitamins are stored in the fat of the animal. These determine both the taste and nutrient content. Grain-fed animals are not only missing the quality grasses that make their fat taste good, they also have negative flavors because of what they are being fed. The fat in this beef has all of the fat soluble vitamins: A, D, E, K2, as well as fatty acid pre-cursors that can be converted into Omega 3. It is also rich in B Vitamins, as well as all of the minerals and elements.  


Fatty beef, regardless of cut, can be cooked rare in a pan or on the grill and sliced against the grain to make a delicious, and rich option for any meal. 


10lbs of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free of antibiotics, hormones, and GMO.